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Former Governor Frank Farrar honored at the state Capitol

State leaders paid tribute to former Governor Frank Farrar today during a memorial service at the Capitol in Pierre.

Farrar died last month after an injury to his head at the age of 92.

Governor Kristi Noem paid her respects during the service.

“He was South Dakota's elder statesman. And he really leaned into that role," she said. "He recognized that he brought background, he brought intellect, he brought institutional memory to conversations and reminded us of the good old days, but also the fact that there were many good old days yet to come.”

Farrar was the youngest person ever elected state attorney general. It earned him the nickname “boy wonder.” He was elected South Dakota’s 24th governor six years later in 1968.

Former Governor Dennis Daugaard also spoke at Farrar’s service.

"He knew that as an elected official, you sometimes get a lot of complaints or demands," Daugaard said. "Not very often do you get encouragement or praise, and he wanted to weigh in on the encouragement and praise side of things. So he always, always had something nice to say. It would be easy for someone with such talent and accomplishments to have a big ego, but he didn't.”

Farrar lost his bid for re-election to Democrat Dick Kneip in 1970.

Farrar left politics to focus on philanthropy and banking but remained active in state politics. He was also well-known for participating in triathlons and Ironman competitions well into his 80s.

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