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Poll shows most South Dakotans support removing state's attorney general

Jason Ravnsborg

A new poll shows a majority of South Dakotans are in favor of removing Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg from office.

Ravnsborg is facing potential impeachment for his conduct following a car crash that killed 55-year-old Highmore resident Joseph Boever last fall.

In the poll, 66.8 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat support the dismissal of Ravnsborg by the state Legislature.

Political party affiliation does not appear to be a major deciding factor. Just over 72 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of Republicans and almost 66 percent of independents support removal.

The poll was conducted with 500 registered voters in the state by polling company Mason-Dixon on behalf of South Dakota News Watch and the Chiesman Center for Democracy at the University of South Dakota.

The Legislature will consider impeachment proceedings next week.

The full poll results can be viewed here.