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Lawmakers continue to discuss regulations surrounding medical marijuana


Lawmakers continue to discuss regulations surrounding medical marijuana in South Dakota. On Monday, a legislative subcommittee listened to several presentations including one from North Dakota’s department of health.  


North Dakota legalized medical marijuana four years ago. The state invested in a software system which registers all patients who use medical marijuana and their caregivers. The system also tracks marijuana manufactured and dispensed in the state. 


Jason Wahl is director of North Dakota’s medical marijuana division. Wahl says North Dakota limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries to eight. It also does not allow home grown cannabis. Wahl says concerns around safety was one reason lawmakers decided against home grown cultivation.   


“Since you aren’t able to do any compliance testing on those. It’s unclear whether or not there are mold or mildew issues or if that plant has heavy metals in it.” 


South Dakota’s new state law does allow home grown marijuana for medicinal purposes. Kit Jeffries is with Dakota Cannabis Consulting. To alleviate safety concerns Jeffries asked committee members to consider opening up licensed testing facilities to the public.  


“I do think priority should be given to licensed holders. However, completely refusing the opportunity to test your home-grown cannabis is mind blowing to me. I think that should be allowed.” 


South Dakota’s medicinal marijuana laws will go into effect on July 1st. The South Dakota Department of Health is still in the process of setting regulations for medical marijuana use. The department is required to enact rules for medical cannabis by October 29th.


The department of health will hold two town hall meetings on medical marijuana on June 28th. You can find out more information about the town halls and South Dakota’s medical marijuana laws at medcannabis.sd.gov.