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Community Leaders Speaking Out In Support Of Making "Juneteenth" A Holiday


In The Moment … February 4th, 2021 Show 985 Hour 1

Two bills making their way through the South Dakota state legislature this session address the addition of June 19 as a state holiday, but with important distinctions. Senate Bill 71, introduced by Senator Jim Bolin, establishes Juneteenth as a working holiday in the state. Senate Bill 89, introduces by Senator Reynold Nesiba adds Juneteenth as an official state holiday. 
Today to talk about the significance of Juneteenth and why these bills matter. 

  • Guests: 
  • Julian Beaudoin, small business owner.
  • Mark Blackburn, Dean of Students at Augustana University and founder of the group Establishing Sustainable Connections.
  • Kira Kimball, Founder and Chair of Pathways for Inclusive Excellence.
  • Taneeza Islam, lobbyist and leader of South Dakota Voices for Justice.

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