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Political Junkies: Back To School

In The Moment … July 29, 2020 Show 869 Hour 1

Parents, teachers, school boards, and administrators have been meeting with more regularity as school districts approach the new year with COVID-19 in mind. Is there a one size fits all approach that works? How do you feel about your child going back to the classroom?
Governor Kristi Noem has been against checkpoints where they're being used on reservation land in South Dakota. But, are they proving to have an effect in keeping coronavirus cases down in those areas?
The Dakota Political Junkies join us to help answer some of these questions. Tom Dempster is with us today. He's a former South Dakota State Senator from District 9.
And joining our panel for the first time is another former South Dakota lawmaker. He's a senior fellow with Prism. He's also on the Board of Directors for Billie Sutton's Leadership Institute. We're happy to welcome Kevin Killer from Pine Ridge.

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