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Dusty Johnson Talks "Payroll Protection Program"

In The Moment ... April 27, 2020 Show 804 Hour 1

Thousands of South Dakotans are still on the payroll, even though their businesses might be closed. The federal government's Payroll Protection Program is launching its second round today. 
Meanwhile, pork producers are in trouble, and it's not just because of the temporary closure of the Smithfield processing plant in Sioux Falls, though that closure highlights the threat of COVID-19 shutdowns. Congressman Dusty Johnson says the situation needs "stitches, not a Band-Aid." He's calling on the federal government to provide resources and expertise to bolster America's food supply chain. In the meantime, South Dakota pork producers are facing some impossible decisions. 
We welcome Congressman Dusty Johnson to the program to talk about this and the overall response to the pandemic disruption. 

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