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Weather Delays Hearing On Bill Banning Gender Transition Procedures For Minors

Republican leadership in the state House of Representatives are moving the hearing date on a bill that creates a felony for medical professionals that provide gender transition services for minors.

House Majority Leader Lee Qualm says is getting moved to next week because of the snow storm set to hit eastern South Dakota.

On SDPB’s In The Moment, Qualm says if it wasn’t for the weather, the bill would get heard on Friday.

“If the weather was fine we would be hearing it tomorrow,” Qualm says. “It’s moved back until Wednesday. So, we’re trying to get that out that—hey, don’t worry it. I’ve talked to a lot of people that want to get that done. There’s legislators that want to go home. If they wait, it sounds like they may not make it.”

Qualm says it’s not urgent that lawmakers hear House Bill 1057, but that the bill is ready for a hearing.

House minority leader, Democrat Jamie Smith says it's also important for people to be able to get to Pierre. He says it's not easy for doctors to change their schedules with one day notice. He says delaying the hearing until Wednesday will allow people a chance to travel and testify.

The bill creates a class four felony for performing 10 different surgeries or providing puberty-blocking medication.

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