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Noem Offers Meth Campaign Stats


Governor Kristi Noem is offering some initial stats a month after the launch of the state’s meth awareness campaign.

In addition to advertisements with the slogan “Meth. We’re on it” the campaign also includes a hotline for those seeking resources to call or text.

Noem says people are using it.

“We’ve had about 87 people who’ve called or texted into the hotline who’ve called and asked for help,” Noem says “We’ve got 15 people that have been referred to treatment already. For those families that are dealing with addiction and all the other side effects that can happen with that, we’re certainly grateful those people are reaching out for help.”

The governor’s meth awareness campaign cost about $1.4 million. Noem recently requested $3.7 million from lawmakers to fund treatment and law enforcement aimed at the epidemic.