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State Presents On New Livestock Development Initiative At Ag Summit


The state Office of Economic Development is presenting a new program for livestock development across the state.

It combines two existing programs within GOED, that doles out a rebate to the county once a project that requires a conditional use permit is approved. Those projects can be concentrated animal feeding operations, or confinements.

At the Governor’s Ag Summit in Sioux Falls, community development director Joe Fiala gave a presentation on the new initiative.

Fiala says the state wants to hear about potential development.

“As soon as a project surfaces—whether it comes from the county, or maybe a county commissioner gets wind of a possible project—we want people to call our business development team that I had stand up. Need to call one of our business development representatives as early as possible and get them involved,” Fiala says. “That way that business development rep can help shepherd this project through the process and the county doesn’t have to do a whole bunch of extra work.”

Fiala says if a project qualifies, the state will issue a proposal to the company showing the rebate. The company can then assign the rebate back to the county.

Once the project is complete, counties may use that money how they see fit.
Fiala says the state has received a few applications, but none have made it all the way through the process yet.

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