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Rep. Johnson Calls For USMCA Vote

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Dusty Johnson's twitter

US House Representative Dusty Johnson says he wants Congress to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

President Donald Trump pulled the country out of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 2018, which had been in place for a quarter century. This trade agreement is viewed as a replacement.

Johnson quotes statistics from the International Trade Commission analysis of the agreement.

“If we can get the USMCA ratified it’ll be 176-thousand extra jobs in this country. It’s going to mean $68.2 billion of real GDP growth,” Johnson says. “Removing trade barriers lets American producers compete. When we have an opportunity to compete globally we win. Nobody does better job in this world of growing corn, growing beans and raising cattle than the United States of America.”

Johnson says House Republicans are having conversations about getting the agreement across the finish line. Johnson says he doesn’t think Democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is in favor of the proposal.