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FDA To Hold Hearings On CBD In May


Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration announced it will hold public hearings on CBD—a non-intoxicant component of the cannabis plant.

It’s a component that’s appearing in drinks, hand lotions and in oil form.

Governor Kristi Noem says uncertainty surrounding CBD is a major reason she opposed an industrial hemp program in the state.

“For me, the main concern I’ve always had with CBD oil is just that I want people to know what they’re putting on their body,” Noem says. “Right now, with it not being regulated, we don’t know what kind of impact that could have on individuals. I’ve said I would consider legalizing CBD oil once it’s been approved by the FDA. Until then, that substance—we don’t really know what is on it, in it and what is included and how it impacts the body.”

State lawmakers say they’re waiting on federal guidelines surrounding CBD, before writing rules on the compound.

The public hearing is set for May 31 in Maryland.