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Capitol Concealed Carry Still Possible After Bill Fails



One day after state lawmakers send a bill to Governor Kristi Noem stripping permit requirements to carry a concealed pistol the state senate rejects a bill to allow concealed carry in the capitol.

But the debate over allowing concealed pistols in the capitol is not over…

Senate Bill 50 removes the state capitol from the list of courthouses where it’s a misdemeanor to carry a concealed pistol with a permit.

The bill failed by a vote of 10 to 22.

Despite the downvote, Republican State Senator Jim Stalzer has a bill that allows the carrying of a concealed pistol, but only by those with an enhanced concealed carry permit.

“These are people who’ve had some safety training,” Stalzer says. “They’ve proved they can hit a target, they’ve had training in use of force and training in state firearms laws. Otherwise, they’re pretty similar. Except that, under the other one you must notify highway patrol within 24 hours of carrying in the capitol.”

Stalzer says it’s the same bill he brought from 2017, which passed through both the house and senate but was vetoed by Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Stalzer says he reintroduced the legislation in the event Senate Bill 50 failed.