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Permit-less Carry Legislation Heads To Governor Noem


A bill that allows concealed carry of a pistol without a permit is heading to Governor Kristi Noem’s desk.

Similar legislation in 2017 was vetoed by then-Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Republican Representative Lee Qualm is the majority leader and the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 47 in the house. He says this is a big deal for South Dakotans.

“Everybody has the right to defend themselves no matter what,” Qualm says. “I’m thoroughly convinced—as I said on the floor—that a good guy with a gun will beat a bad guy with a gun any day. It’s a deterrent. I firmly believe it’s a deterrent to crime, more than it adds to crime. It’s a deterrent because then the bad guy has no idea who is carrying and I think that’s good.”

The South Dakota Sheriff’s Association, Police Chiefs Association and States Attorneys Association all oppose the bill.

The legislation passed 47 to 23.

Governor Kristi Noem has two weeks to decide whether to pass the legislation. She says her office is talking with law enforcement about their concerns.