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Senate Permit-less Carry Bill Moves To House Floor



Republicans in a House Committee are passing along a senate bill that allows concealed carry in South Dakota without a permit.

That means it’s one step away from the governor’s desk. Similar legislation has passed in the house, but failed to override a governor’s veto.

A lot is different for the prospects of Senate Bill 47 and the issue it addresses… a new legislature and a governor who says she supports the concept of constitutional carry.

A similar bill passed in 2017 but was vetoed by then-Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg says he supports the permit-less carry bill.

However, Governor Kristi Noem says her support WILL depend on the language of the bill. She says she wants law enforcement input on the issue.

“That is the one thing we committed to, bringing everyone to the table and having this conversation,” Noem says. “So, we have been talking with legislators about their priorities. We have been talking with law enforcement about their concerns, as well. This is the legislative process, they’ll continue to have debates, they’ll go through committee. They’ll send a bill to me that we’ll make a decision on.”

A lobbyist with the South Dakota Sheriff’s Association says that group opposes the bill, but supports the concept of a residency requirement for permit-less carry. The South Dakota State’s Attorneys Association also opposes the legislation.

SB 47, which is headed to the House floor, is one of four bills that allows permit-less carry. House Bill 1112 allows only South Dakota residents to carry concealed without a permit. Republican leadership in the house says they’ll keep moving forward with Senate Bill 47.