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Noem To Deliver Budget Wednesday

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says she will deliver her first budget address on Wednesday, January 23rd.

Noem says she informed legislative leadership Thursday morning.

Noem says she is using former Governor Dennis Daugaard’s budget as a starting point. She says she will make some changes, however.

“It will be where the house and senate start their discussions throughout legislative session as well,” Noem says. “We will continue to work on that until we have a final plan that meets our needs and have agreement to keep our government in check and takes into account an environment where we can grow businesses and help support families as well.”

Noem declined to offer specifics of her budget, but she says her budget will reflect the priorities laid out in her state of the state address.

That includes areas of broadband access, mental health and fighting the meth epidemic.

She says her budget address will reflect some topics not mentioned in her previous address to the legislature, including funding for community support providers, nursing homes and education.


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