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Berget Execution Set For Monday

The state is setting the time and date of execution for Rodney Berget, an inmate accused of killing a South Dakota prison guard.

Berget’s execution is set for Monday, October 29, at 1:30 P-M central time.

Speaking with KELO’s Bob Mercer, Governor Dennis Daugaard says the courts made the right decision by sentencing him to death.

“He had two life sentences that he was facing for kidnapping and attempted murder. He kidnapped a young woman at gun point, really put her through quite a lot,” Daugaard says. “Then, in this escape attempt killed a prison guard—wrapped his head with cellophane and beat him to death with a lead pipe. He’s a threat to society, even within prison walls.”

State law allows the judge in a capital punishment case to appoint a week for the execution to occur. The warden is required by law to publicly announce the date and time forty eight hours before an execution.