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Rounds Pleased Trump Administration Recognizes Trade Uncertainty

Kealey Bultena

South Dakota US Senator Mike Rounds says he’s pleased the Trump administration is recognizing the impact of trade uncertainty.
Earlier this week, the administration announced $12 billion dollars in aid to offset tariffs.
Critics in the state are calling it another farm subsidy.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says the farm aid is a short term fix. He says most of the producers he’s heard from indicate this is not what they want. He says the farm aid is a first step the administration is taking to address concerns.
Rounds says he’s confident the Trump administration will negotiate favorable trade deals with Europe, China and other North American countries. He says the president’s meeting with the European commission is a first step, but doesn’t make up for the shortfall from the Chinese market
“The fact that the part the president focused on in the offer to delay implementation of tariffs on autos, was the fact that he focused on soybeans being part of a deal,” Rounds says. “So, for me it means the president is listening and that he now recognizes that this is pretty serious to real people who need that market to stabilize.”
Some farmer’s groups in the state aren’t happy with a burgeoning trade war.
Doug Sombe is president of the South Dakota Farmer’s Union. He says the bailout is a short term solution to a long term problem that should never have happened.
“We’re completely unprepared,” Sombke says. “Instead of picking a fight with one person in the ring we picked a fight with four. Right now, the tax payers are not happy. They think farmers are just moochers just looking for another subsidy. It’s the last thing my members want.”
Sombke says the $12 billion in aid to farmers is not enough to help South Dakota farmers, let alone farmers in other states.