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State Dems Pick Seiler As Attorney General Candidate

Lee Strubinger

South Dakota Democrats are picking former US Attorney Randy Seiler to run for attorney general.

Seiler says he wants to change the culture of the Attorney General’s office.

“The Attorney General needs to do and be a leader,” Seiler says. “To basically set a culture not just of prosecution, but of outreach and recovery, of treatment and to explore with the professionals in South Dakota what opportunities there are for recovery, other than just incarceration.”

Seiler spent twenty-two years in the US Attorney’s office for twenty two years. Seiler became U-S Attorney in 2015 after then attorney Brendan Johnson resigned to join the private sector.

Seiler stepped down from the position in 2017.

He ran against former Oglala Sioux Tribe Attorney General Tatewin Means for the position.