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AG Candidate Must Drop At Least One Campaign Next Week

Russell For AG

A Republican candidate for Attorney General will have to make a tough decision next week.

Last week, State Senator Lance Russell clinched a re-election bid for his state senate seat, but he’s also running for Attorney General.

No matter what, next week he must resign one of those bids for office.

South Dakota codified law states that candidacy for more than one public office in a single election is prohibited.
Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says her office recommends the candidate submits a withdrawal from the senate seat nomination if that candidate intends to go forward with the nomination.
“That is state law that we do have a withdrawal process in place for any instance where there might be something that comes up extraordinarily unusual that that candidate cannot proceed to the general election,” Krebs says. “There’s statutes to follow for withdrawal.”
Statewide constitutional officer candidates are selected during party conventions by party delegates, not the general voting public.
State Senator Lance Russell, who is vying for those two seats, currently, says he consulted with the attorney general and secretary of state about running two campaigns.
Russell says if he feels he has a good shot at clinching the nomination in next week’s convention, he will withdraw from his Senate race.
“The local Republican Party, the precinct people from my district would be able to select my replacement," Russell says. "If I feel like I have a good shot at being attorney general, then I would do that. If not, I will continue in the Senate.”
Russell needs to make the decision by next Friday.
The state GOP convention is next week.