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April First Press Release Questions Both Dakotas' Statehood

In a press release dated April first, Governor Dennis Daugaard says historians have discovered lost documents that raise Dakota statehood questions.

President Abraham Lincoln established Dakota Territory in 1861.

According to a press release from, well, one of the governor’s offices, it was believed prior that the territory was divided into the two states of North Dakota and South Dakota on November 2, 1889, via a proclamation by then-President Benjamin Harrison.

Governor Daugaard, of the state formerly known as South Dakota, says he was surprised that some unnamed historians discovered addendums attached to the statehood proclamations.

“Apparently, there’s an addendum to each of those that declares the creation of Dakota as a single state,” Daugaard says. “This is very concerning. I’m trying to undertake a process to determine how to proceed. We made need a joint session of both legislatures to see whether we want to stay as one Dakota, or return to our status as separate states.”

Daugaard calls the addendum an incredible discovery and that will be a lot of work for both governmental entities to figure out. It seems like a lot for a term-limited outgoing governor who certainly wouldn’t pull a prank this time of year.

And just a reminder folks, Sunday is April First.