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Bill That Requires More Circulator Info Passes Senate Panel

Jenifer Jones

The State Senate is passing a bill that critics say could dissuade people from circulating a petition.

House Bill 1196 requires more information for the affidavit petition circulators must sign before gathering signatures.

Rob Timm is president for the Chiesman Center for Democracy. He says it makes the process more onerous for petition circulators.

“Quite frankly, it’s easier to get a concealed weapons permit or even an application for a home mortgage, than it will be—if it goes through—to become a petition circulator,” Timm says. “There’s certain elements that were in the bill that are very concerning in regard to that if you have a hunting license you need to provide that information.”

Proponents of HB 1196 say the bill allows for more transparency in the petition circulation process.

In addition to needing to disclose any hunting licenses, the bill asks circulators for the current state they have a vehicle license, physical address and a statement by the circulator whether they intend to stay in the state.

It now heads to the Senate floor.