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Bill Updates Gambling Laws To Prosecute Cheaters

Jenifer Jones

The state wants to catch and prosecute any fraudulent gamblers and cheaters in Deadwood.

A Senate committee passed several rule changes that apply to casinos in the northern hills city.

Larry Eliason is executive secretary for the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. He says there’s a gap in state law.

“It’s bringing 21st century justice into the 21st century,” Eliason says. “In the old days, the bad guys used horses and pistols to rob stage coaches and get the strong box. Well, now the bad guys use computer hacking to access people’s bank accounts and personal information to create phony credit cards.”

Current statute prohibits using a fraudulent scheme or cheating device.

However, Eliason says it’s difficult to prosecute if devices or conduct used aren’t defined.

Testimony in favor of the change sited cases in Missouri where “Russian Hackers” tapped into a particular model of slot machine.