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Rapid City To Consider Water And Sewer Rate Hikes

The Rapid City Common Council is considering raising water and sewer rates for the first time in several years.

The increase in rates comes after the first utility rate study the city conducted since 2008. The increase in sewer and water rates will rise over the next five years.

Dale Tech is the Public Works Director for Rapid City. He says increasing rates will help maintain the city’s water infrastructure…

“Our rates have to keep pace with inflation, the increase for material cost, all of that,” Tech says “They’ve been flat for the last four years, so it’s time to start bringing them up to a level where they’re keeping up with those increase operations, maintenance and capital improvement costs.”

The City Council will take up the rate increases for a second reading during its November 6 meeting. If passed, the increase will start around the first of the calendar year.

Rapid City offers utility charge relief for those who meet certain age and income thresholds.