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Speaker Mickelson Wants Marsy’s Law Out Of Constitution

Sd Legislature

One of the state’s top Republicans is calling for a repeal of Marsy’s Law from the constitution.

Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson says the law is costing cash strapped counties too much. He says there’s still a case for keeping provisions of the law in state statute.

Speaker Mickelson says the voter approved victims' rights constitutional amendment is costing counties an additional $5 million statewide.

Mickelson says there are some good elements in Marsy’s Law, but those provisions don’t belong in the constitution.
“Some of them were already in state statute. Almost everyone would agree that the kinds of proposals that were in Marsy’s Law don’t belong in our constitution," Mickelson says. "Our constitution is pretty sacred. It’s supposed to provide some overarching principles, and then we implement those principles with state statutes.”

Mickelson says once those principles are in state statute, then he’d like to see amendment removed from the constitution.

Kevin Krull is the state’s attorney for Meade County.
Krull says Meade County did just fine without Marsy’s Law.

“I think it goes overboard in some areas," Krull says. "Notifying victims has always been a part of our standard operating procedure, and keeping in touch with them and keep them updated on procedures and what’s next in the case and that kind of stuff.”

Lawmakers drew some ire for repealing a voter approved ethics reform package in January.
To change the state’s constitution requires a majority vote of lawmakers in both houses.