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Lawmaker: Hopes Special Session Called Soon On Non-Meandered Water

Kent Osborne

One state lawmaker says he hopes a special session is called very soon to determine what beneficial use of non-meandered water is for the public.
During day two of public hearings on the issue in Aberdeen, State Senator Brock Greenfield says he hopes a special legislative session is called soon to consider any legislation.
"I hope that we’re able to come up with something that will pass muster if we are to call a special session. I’m hopeful that that special session can be very soon," Greenfield says. "I’m talking weeks, not months. In fact, I’m talking days, really."
Greenfield says all options are on the table to address whether public access to non-meandered bodies of water situated on private property is beneficial.
Several lawmakers on the non-meandered waters summer study committee say several bills may be needed to address the issue.
Water is held in public trust by the state. In the early 19-90’s, heavy snowfall and spring rain flooded several sloughs and prairie potholes in Northeastern South Dakota.
The summer study will meet again May 24th in Pierre to discuss potential legislation.


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