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Rounds Says Cuts To USDA May Not Be Final

Rounds for Senate

US Senator Mike Rounds says a proposed 20 percent cut to the United State Department of Agriculture is manageable.

Rounds says the 20 percent cut may not be the final number.

“Director of the Budget said this is based on promises the president made during his campaign. In most cases we look to see where their focus is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to follow through with it," Rounds says. "There’s enough support for Ag right now that if there’s ways to save money we’re going to look at it. We’re most certainly not going to say that we’re not going to bear our fair share, but we’re not going to do it at the expense of the rural parts of America.”

Senator Rounds says he supports President Donald Trump’s cuts to discretionary spending.

President Trump’s proposed budget includes a $54-billion increase in military spending. Rounds says that’s not enough.