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Lawmakers Approve Cannabidiol For Medical Use, Pending FDA Approval


The South Dakota House approves a bill that reschedules and recognizes a marijuana derivative as medicine.
Senate Bill 95 makes cannabidiol, or CBD, a schedule four drug. It also removes the substance from the state definition of marijuana. CBD is commonly used to treat epilepsy in children.
State Representative Thomas Holmes voted in favor of the bill.
“By passing this bill, we literally could be dispensing this medicine the very day the FDA approves this.  That would be very important for some families in this state. We’re not talking about a large number of families. Maybe 30 to 40 children. But these kids suffer up to 200 to 300 seizures a day. That’s almost inconceivable.”
The bill permits CBD only after the FDA approves it. The House voted 54 to 13 in favor of the bill.

The latest version is different from the one the Senate approved, so the measure goes back to State Senators for consideration or compromise.