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Rounds: Key To Healthcare Reform Is Competitive Marketplace

Rounds for Senate

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds says repealing the Affordable Care Act is lawmakers’ first priority this session of Congress.

He says Republicans are using a technical process to eliminate some funding with 51 Senate votes… instead of the usual 60 needed.

Rounds says less regulation gives people more options than the Affordable Care Act.  

“Before Obamacare we didn’t have just two to choose from. We had 13 companies selling products in South Dakota,” Rounds says. “That’s because we had an open market and we invited people to come in a do it. So, I think the key in here is to make sure we have competition in the market place and allow for innovation in the marketplace. But not necessarily allowing people from the country to look at South Dakota rates and by driving our rates up by having larger costs associated with their healthcare in the states in which they reside.”

Rounds says he wants to ensure that during the transition from the Affordable Care Act people will maintain their coverage.

He says Republicans are looking to keep popular parts of the A.C.A.

The Senator says ideas to replace the health care law will take shape in the coming months. Rounds says a full transition from the A.C.A. to a new proposal could take years.