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Krebs Says South Dakotans Broke Several Election Day Records In State

SD Secretary of State

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says South Dakota voters broke record numbers this year.

She says the number of registered voters reached an all-time high, when compared to previous election years in South Dakota.

Krebs says the total election night turn out came in just under 70 percent.

“There’s been a couple years, and a couple times it’s hit over 70 percent, but those are usually in those races that are close South Dakota races—maybe like a Thune-Daschle race—tend to have a little higher turnout,” Krebs says. “But for presidential elections, South Dakotans always turnout. And that’s what we did, we showed up. I think the ballot questions, having had 10 questions on the ballot about issues that would change state law or the constitution, people are really concerned and they wanted to show up and let their voices be heard on those ballot measures.”

Krebs also says voters in South Dakota cast 108,000 absentee ballots this election. She says 30 percent of all ballots were for early voting.

Krebs says leading up to the Secretary of State’s website received 22,000 hits a day.