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Chelsea Clinton Speaks In Sioux Falls

Kenzie Wagner

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton, addressed a crowd at Augustana University in Sioux Falls Wednesday evening.

Clinton’s speech was a rally for her mom’s bid for president.
Chelsea Clinton spoke for 40 minutes to a crowd of around one hundred rally goers in Sioux Falls. Clinton shared her mother’s vision for running the White House. That vision includes addressing pay inequality, tuition free community college and public universities, as well as implicit bias police training.

Clinton says her mother’s plan is finishing the work of expanding healthcare coverage. She says 91 percent of the country has health care coverage. The remaining 9 percent, she says, are younger people who haven’t signed up, or those who live in states that haven’t accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, like South Dakota.
“I’m not naming any names. And so, trying to think creatively, since the government—the federal government subsidies—didn’t sufficiently incentivize, clearly, unfortunately, states to expand Medicaid. What can the federal government do, kind of recognizing that?” says Clinton 
She says the federal government needs to partner with states like South Dakota and Texas, who also hasn’t expanded Medicaid.
During a question and answer session, one rally goer brought up the issue of human trafficking in the country, and specifically Native American communities and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Clinton says her mother fought human trafficking as secretary of state under President Barack Obama…
“One of the things the Obama Administration did is work to provide more funding to local law enforcement and prosecutors offices to increase training for what needs to happens to identify possible victims,” says Clinton.
Former president Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton before the primary. Neither Republican candidate Donald Trump or his running mate Mike Pence has campaigned in person in South Dakota.
SDPB’s Kenzie Wagner contributed to this report.