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Biannual Clock Changing Remains In SD For Now

Jenifer Jones

A measure to keep Daylight Savings Time year round in South Dakota died by a narrow vote on the State Senate floor today.

The legislation aims to end the practice of changing clocks by an hour every fall and spring, two other states don’t change their clocks.

South Dakota’s Lieutenant Governor Matt Michels is known for injecting a bit of levity into the Senate proceedings--the debate over keeping Daylight Savings Time year round was no exception.  

“Does anybody really know what time it is?” asks Michels. 

State Senator Scott Parsley later responded, “To answer your question, does anybody really care?”

Parsley went on to oppose the bill, saying he would prefer sticking to standard time all year. It’s not clear if the prime sponsor of the bill, GOP State Senator Betty Olson is a fan of the legendary rock band Chicago but it’s clear she doesn’t like biannual clock changing.

“There isn’t anybody out in my neck of the woods that gets a kick out of changing their clocks twice a year,” says Olson. “And then changing them back, and you’re losing track of time and loosing track of dang near everything,” says Olson.

President of the Senate Matt Michels then called for a vote.

“As the prerogative of the president we shall delay the voting on this bill for an hour,” jokes Michels.

The senate voted moments later, The bill failed narrowly, the vote was 17 to 16, with two excused.  In the State Senate a minimum vote of 18 is required for passage. The issue could be reconsidered at a later date, for now the status quo remains.