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Pennington County Voters Consider Wheel Tax

Charles Michael Ray

Voters in Pennington County head to the polls on Tuesday, January 5th to decide on a county wide wheel tax.  

The tax adds to the fees paid during vehicle registration.  Motorists would see an increase of three to five dollars per wheel depending on the weight of the vehicle.

Pennington County Commissioner Deb Hadcock hopes voters inform themselves and turnout to the polls.  

Hadcock says many of the 66 counties in South Dakota already apply a wheel tax.

“I think there is at least  51 or maybe 52 that have this wheel tax and some of them have had it for over 20 years.  So, it is a good tax for funding roads, bridges,  and culverts for Pennington County,” says Hadcock.

Hadcock previously voted in favor of the wheel tax but says she won’t take public stance for or against the proposal prior to the election.   

Proponents say it shifts the burden of road maintenance off property tax owners and to those who use the roads.  

Opponents counter that it is a new tax that is unfair and not needed.