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Voters To Decide Rapid's Civic Center Expansion Tuesday

On Tuesday voters in Rapid City go to the polls to make a $180-million dollar decision.
A municipal election is set to decide the proposed expansion of the Rapid City Civic Center arena.  If approved the renovations would amount to the largest single expenditure of city funds ever undertaken.    
Proponents say it’s an investment in the future that will pay itself back in increased sales tax revenue and visitor spending.  But opponents say the price tag is too high and the city needs to consider alternatives.

You can hear the story by clicking play below.

You can also listen to a full debate on the topic that took place at "The Garage" in Rapid City last week.


Speaking in favor of the project is Tony DeMaro a local business owner.  He runs Murphy's Pub and Grill as well as other downtown establishments.

Speaking against the proposed project is Richard Wahlstrom a finical advisor and former City Finance Officer.

The debate was moderated by retired 7th Circuit Court Judge Jack Delaney.