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Shannon Co. Auditor: 2014 May Not Top 2004 Record Turnout

The early voting turnout on the Pine Ridge Reservation appears to be ramping up.  But for now it may not be on track to top the record year of 2004.

Sue Ganje is the Shannon County Auditor.  

She says that 2004 contest between then incumbent Senator Tom Daschle and challenger John Thune included more than 1,600 absentee ballots cast.    Her office recorded over 4,500 total votes that election on Pine Ridge.

So far this year, Ganje says the early voting place at the Sue Ann Big Crow Center in the town of Pine Ridge has seen just over 530 early votes cast.  

“We are averaging 60 to 80 voters a day now. I think that would be pretty accurate.  We’re voting as fast as we can and if we can beat that record that would be wonderful,” says Ganje.

Just after the early voting station opened Ganje says she heard one complaint about someone being told how to vote.   South Dakota law prohibits campaigning too close to a polling place.   Ganje says she has not has had any more complaints and the process is running smoothly.

Early voting booths are also set up in other tribal communities in South Dakota including, Wanblee, and Eagle Butte.

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