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Rapid City Businessman Tabbed For State Senate Vacancy


Governor Dennis Daugaard has selected Rapid City businessman Alan Solano (so-LAH-noh) to succeed Senator Stan Adelstein in District 32.  Adelstein resigned his seat last month for health reasons.  Solano says with a short time to get ready for the Legislative session, he’ll count on his experience to represent his district.

Solano says,  “I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to govern the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee over the past couple of years, and moderating some of the cracker barrels, and staying in touch with some of the issues that will come up in this session.  And so it’s gonna be more of some of the process types of things, and finding out how the really inner workings happen.”    

Solano says he has been considering a run for the Legislature for a number of years.  The 20-14 Session begins Tuesday in Pierre.