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Daugaard: Development comes from private sector

While other states are facing budget shortfalls, Governor Dennis

Daugaard says South Dakota is a comparative bright spot because of cuts made two years ago.  During the his state of the state address, Daugaard promoted the idea of stewardship to use tax dollars for beneficial programs and to work within the state’s means. He says South Dakota’s workforce development efforts are working as the state is growing in-state businesses and attracting new ones. The governor says having money in the budget to create initiatives makes some things easier, but he doesn’t want to come off as the guy who’s too cautious or pessimistic.
“Most of that is driven by the private sector. Most economic development, job creation is happening in spite of us, not because of us. I think it’s important that government in South Dakota recognize that private citizens want to exercise their own economic freedoms, make their own decisions, live their own lives, and they expect certain services from the government and they expect them to be delivered efficiently and prudently. But they don’t want, at least not in South Dakota, they don’t want a big flashy government that’s spending a lot of money,” Daugaard says.
Daugaard says South Dakota has a bright future, but it’s not improved just by spending a lot of money. Daugaard is planning another trip to China to help South Dakota businesses expand their influence.