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Charged Rhetoric Doesn't Solve Problems

As part of the Affordable Health Care Act passed by congress, states are expected to expand Medicaid programs in 2014. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government overstepped its boundaries in that requirement, and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard doesn't plan on expanding the program anytime soon. In Daugaard's proposed budget for FY2014, he requests a three percent increase for Medicaid spending. Daugaard says the state might consider expanding it within the next few years, but the federal government needs to address the state's concerns.  He says a governor’s conference in February is perfect time to meet with the President and ask questions. 

“It’s been my experience that charged rhetoric doesn’t advance solutions.  It just polarizes.  I’m trying to be respectful of the president and Secretary Sebelius, whether I disagree or agree, we can do that respectfully and maybe get some answers that way.  So, I know there are some governors who I would hope would be at the table, and others who may be counter productive to have at the table.  I’ll just put it that way,” says Daugaard.

Daugaard says he doesn't know if by expanding Medicaid, states have to meet the new federal requirements or if they can just expand to a certain portion of the population. He says the state can't afford to add a projected 48 thousand people to Medicaid right now with so much uncertainty in the economy.


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