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U-S Representative Kristi Noem Wins Second Term in Congress

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U-S Representative Kristi Noem won a second term in Congress Tuesday night.  Noem defeated Matt Varilek in the general election for the state’s seat in the House.  Following her victory, Noem thanked her supporters in Sioux Falls—and reminded them much work remains.

“You know, we have the greatest country in the world.  We have the most successful form of government history has ever known.  We have the most robust economy, the most dominant military and the greatest innovators.  But our debt is the fundamental threat to all of it.  It threatens our children, and our children’s children—and it threatens our national security, and our ability to continue to fund our priorities.  We’ve already saddled our kids with over 50 thousand dollars worth of debt, because of Washington’s uncontrollable spending.  Our kids deserve better.  South Dakota’s kids deserve better—and I’m going to keep working to make sure that it is better.” 

Noem held a fairly consistent lead around 17 percentage points throughout the evening.  She finished with 58 percent of the vote.