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Matt Varilek Falls to Kristi Noem for South Dakota's U-S House Seat

Democratic challenger Matt Varilek lost his bid for South Dakota’s U-S House seat.  Varilek fell to incumbent Republican Representative Kristi Noem by 18 percentage points Tuesday.  Varilek addressed supporters in Sioux Falls after conceding defeat.

“So we didn’t get the results we hoped for—but let’s remember, the causes that we fought for in this race began with me, and certainly did not go away in this campaign.  I got into the race because I believe South Dakotans deserve a member of Congress who’s on their side, and we are by and large a middle-class state.  And folks trying to climb their way into the middle class—and we do indeed deserve someone like that.  And I also got into this race because I believe we need someone who does work with others for the sake of progress, on a bi-partisan basis.  And I believe that’s what needs to happen for this country to move forward.” 

The House race was the only Congressional Race in South Dakota Tuesday.  U-S Senator Tim Johnson’s seat is up in two years, with Senator John Thune’s term expiring in 20-16.