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Kristie Fiegen Announces Victory

Republicans were able to win both Public Utilities Commission contests during Tuesday’s/last night’s elections. About an hour after Chris Nelson claimed his victory…commissioner Kristie Fiegen announced hers. Fiegen has served on the Public Utilities Commission for over a year…and now adds a six year term. Fiegen says South Dakotans can expect her work ethic to remain unchanged in the upcoming years.

“They will see the same Kristie Fiegen they’ve always seen, says Fiegen. I have a backbone of steel, I fight for consumers every single day, and I will fight for less government regulation that will lower utility costs or at least keep them at an affordable rate.”

Fiegen says the P-U-C deals with such a wide variety of issues that she has a lot of goals to pursue. But she says her main one is expanding broadband and cell phone coverage across the state.