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Andy Wiese With Moving South Dakota Forward on Initiated Measure 15

Now that South Dakota voters have rejected a one-cent sales tax increase, the campaign manager for Moving South Dakota Forward says he’s not sure how his organization will proceed.

Andy Wiese says even opponents of Initiated Measure 15 tend to agree that South Dakota needs to do more for education and Medicaid. They just don’t agree on the mechanism for funding.

He says Moving South Dakota Forward wants to continue the conversation and work with the legislature to restore funding.

“Those are two solid investments in the state of SD, says Wiese. We just want to work together on what we can do to make sure we get that revenue back in there, because I think that’s one thing that I heard over and over that all of us really do agree on.”

Wiese says his group heard repeatedly that people didn’t trust that the increased sales tax would be applied toward Medicaid and education. He says people cited the appropriation of revenue from video lottery, which was ostensibly established for education but then diverted to other uses.