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Freshman Lawmaker, Nurse Gets COVID Vaccine


Sioux Falls Republican Representative Taylor Rehfeldt is talking publicly about getting the first round of coronavirus vaccine.

The incoming freshman lawmaker is a nurse. She got the first of a two-part Pfizer vaccines last week at Sanford. Rehfeldt posted a video of her vaccination on Facebook Live.

She wants to show South Dakotans that getting the coronavirus vaccine is normal.

“That getting a shot is a normal part of our life and taking care of others,” Rehfeldt says. “So, here we go. And done--actually, painless. Didn’t feel different than any other shot. Actually, felt better than my flu shot.”

South Dakota received 7,800 doses of the Pfizer vaccine last week. It requires two doses, 21 days apart to reach a 95 percent efficacy rate against the coronavirus.

The state Department of Health expects to receive 14,600 doses of the recently-approved Moderna vaccine. Health officials plan to vaccinate long-term care residents after frontline healthcare workers.