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Most of state's tested surface water falls below quality standards | May 09


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On today's update...

Almost 80 percent of surface water in the state fails to meet safety standards for their intended uses. That's according to South Dakota's 2024 surface water quality report. The report says the main contaminants are E-coli and total suspended solids.

South Dakota Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson has introduced legislation to improve rural broadband infrastructure. The FOREST Act aims to simplify resources for rural communities looking to upgrade.

Lawmakers deny Game, Fish, and Parks' request for additional nonresident waterfowl licenses for a second time. Game, Fish, and Parks Secretary Kevin Robling says the department's push for an additional 105 new nonresident licenses is meant to curve the decline in waterfowl hunting in the state.

Senator Mike Rounds is introducing legislation blocking a proposed mandate requiring electronic tags to be used on cattle and bison. Rounds argues the rule forces farmers and ranchers to use an expensive method of identification and there's no way to recoup that cost.

After a beloved restaurant in the hills burned down, ownership immediately had a plan—rebuilding. Now, that process begins.

It's a big weekend coming up in Rapid City. Saturday, cultural ceremonies and a film premiere are scheduled at a Rapid City museum.

And more.

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