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Governor Noem announces Districts 32, 35 appointments | Feb 12


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On today's update...

Governor Kristi Noem is filling two legislative vacancies following an advisory opinion from the state Supreme Court. The opinion clarifies what it means to authorize a state contract, which the constitution prohibits.

Debate continues on underground pipeline projects across the nation and in South Dakota. The pipes are designed to carry carbon and hydrogen byproducts from power plants and factories. Landowners and advocates met recently to voice their concerns and ask questions in the push for eminent domain reform.

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee put a stop to a bill that would have changed the regulatory process for pollution emissions. The Republican Senator Tom Pischke introduced the bill and says the idea has been in state law for decades.

A bill moving through the legislature requires inebriated drivers who kill parents to pay restitution to the victims' children. House Bill 1195 allows judges to order child support payments in vehicular homicide cases where the victims are parents.

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