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Senate resolution to place grocery tax cut on ballots fails | Feb 06


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On today's update...

The Oglala Sioux Tribe is reaffirming its ban on Governor Kristi Noem from visiting the Pine Ridge Reservation. The re-affirmation is for her remarks about the U.S. - Mexico border and cartels using the reservation to hide from law enforcement.

Senate Joint Resolution 510 has failed on the Senate floor. The proposal would have asked residents to vote on the state’s contentious grocery tax.

A South Dakota House committee is approving two bills they say equalize the carbon pipeline playing field. The bills come after two carbon sequestration pipelines were denied permits by the Public Utilities Commission last year.

Technology moves at the speed of your internet connection – and some communities need an upgrade. Lawmakers want to help modernize even the most rural corners of local government.

A Senate panel is endorsing an idea to grant $20 million dollars in federal pandemic aid to the timber industry. However, opponents are concerned the state cannot spend the money that way.

A ribbon cutting ceremony at Start-up Sioux Falls celebrates the creation of the first South Dakota Black Chamber of Commerce. The group aims to continue growth in the state by streamlining the common issues facing black business owners.

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