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State lawmakers to consider repealing death penalty | Jan 31


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On today's update...

Capital punishment remains a contentious topic for lawmakers across America. This week, that debate returns to the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

With Uvalde, Columbine, and everywhere else in between still fresh in memories, parents and lawmakers want to make sure their children are safe at school. Just how to practically implement best practices, though, is another question.

Members of the Joint Appropriations Committee reassess a program that aids low-income older adults and people with disabilities. SB 28 is the continuation of a 50-year-old program that provides small tax refunds to those populations.

A bill to make it easier to continue therapist-patient relationships across state lines has advanced through both chambers of the state legislature. House Bill 1012 adds South Dakota to the nationwide Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact.

A state Senate panel is passing a bill that declares lithium as a precious metal. The move subjects the mineral to a state tax. Critics say it doesn't belong under that designation.

The Great Plains Zoo needs help naming their six red wolf pups. The critically endangered pups were born last May.

And more.

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