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Democrats react to Noem's proposed budget | Dec 07


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On today's update...

South Dakota Democrats are reacting to Republican governor Kristi Noem's proposed budget. They say they want to see more of the budget address pressing issues in the state.

Between the infrastructure plans and applause breaks at this year's budget address, the governor took a moment to highlight a program aiming to help students complete schooling. Now, she says its time to expand.

The Rapid City Common Council delayed voting on two resolutions that could possibly raise water utility prices to give residents more time to review its content. How could your bills change as a result.

The Hot Springs Veterans Affairs facility had a close shave after boxes in a mostly unused warehouse caught fire Wednesday. The department was first alerted by a fire alarm around 10 a.m.

And more.

Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."