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Rapid City, Sioux Falls law enforcement agencies to silence scanners | Nov 07


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On today's update...

The public has long had access to the chatter of police radios, but that might change for the two largest metros in the state. While law enforcement wants to get ahead of criminals, when does that interfere with the public's right to know police activities?

The ACLU is filing a federal lawsuit challenging South Dakota's vanity license plate law, claiming it infringes on free speech. The organization says it's filing the lawsuit on behalf of Lyndon Hart.

Governor Kristi Noem has requested guidance from the state's Supreme Court about conflict-of-interest rules for lawmakers. Several weeks ago, South Dakota state lawmaker Jessica Castleberry resigned and agreed to repay the federal COVID-19 relief she received for her daycare business, which violated a state Supreme Court opinion from 2020.

Game, Fish, and Parks commissioners choose to table removing one-day nonresident fishing licenses. Officials say opponents of the proposal are gaining support.

The final report on the fatal plane crash north of Pierre found a failure of the plane's single engine during ascent was responsible for the wreck. The report found the 1997 Piper malibu's engine stopped suddenly, forcing the pilot into a crash landing.

What do Stanford, Yale, and South Dakota Mines all have in common? They're now all members of the Universities Research Association.

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