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SD Democratic Party elects chair after removal of former leader | Sep 19


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On today's update...

The South Dakota Democratic Party has selected a new chair following a recent shake-up within party leadership. Shane Merrill was elected chair at a party meeting in Rapid City.

Jury selection has begun for the upcoming trial of Richard Hirth for his alleged role in a death dating back to 2015. His case extends beyond the death of the victim and into the realm of conspiracy and coverup.

A forest service employee is accusing a former Black Hills Forest supervisor of harassment. The employee says she was relocated to a different job as a result of gender discrimination. A trial is taking place for the civil case in Rapid City.

A settlement between Rapid City Area Schools, it's employees, and the family of an autistic child appears on the horizon. The family alleges the use use of physical force to seclude the eight-year-old.

Police have made several arrests following a pair of fatal stabbings in Rapid City. Officers found one victim Friday morning; another man was found stabbed to death Saturday morning.

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