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State withholds The Kingdom Trust examination dates | Sep 13


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On today's update...

The South Dakota Department of Labor is denying requests to know when the Banking Division last examined a trust company accused of money laundering. Earlier this year, The Kingdom Trust was fined $1.5 million for failing to report suspicious transactions.

The appeals committee of the state Democratic Party have upheld the removal of former chair Jennifer Slaight-Hansen. Slaight-Hansen was removed following a recall vote last month.

In the world of incarceration, community service or good behavior could take a bite out of your sentence. However, newly implemented legislation will take that opportunity away from some.

Anthrax — a livestock disease — has been detected in a South Dakota cattle herd. The unvaccinated herd was found with multiple dead animals in Ziebach County.

Artists Keith BraveHeart and Marty Two Bulls, Jr. have been named as the Oglala Sioux Tribe's 2023-24 artist laureates. In the role, the pair will serve as cultural ambassadors for the tribe.

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